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One small post

August 21, 2009

I have decided to start a blog dedicated to all the little things that people are doing or can do to a make a difference in the world.  I think we all get overwhelmed at what we can’t do or what we would do if only we had more money, time, resources ……(the list could go on).  That kind of defeatist thinking doesn’t help and isn’t true.  No one can do everything, but we can all do something, and even if it is something little all those little somethings could add up.   I am also hoping that in the event that this blog gets read at all people will share things they are doing with me so that I can post them.  So please, if you read this give me some feedback and share your stories.

and now two examples of easy ways to make a difference:

1. Support fair trade and support a developing country. Pick one product that you buy on a regular basis and start buying a fair trade version of it.  An easy to find fair trade product is coffee.  Most coffee shops carry at least one fair trade brew and now most grocery stores also have a fair trade offering.  Other easy to find fair trade products include chocolate, sugar, tea, rice, wine, and flowers. It might not be easy to make sure everything you buy is fair trade, but it is easy to make sure one thing you buy fair trade.

In case you didn’t know, Fair Trade is a designation developed to help fair trade jpegconsumers support products that come from farms that have been certified to provide fair wages and safe working conditions (no forced child labor). In addition, producers on certified farms are paid a premium to apply to projects such as health care, women’s leadership initiatives and micro-finance programs, as voted on by the farmers and workers themselves.

for more info on fair trade click me

2.  Eat less meat to help control climate change. I am a vegetarian and I could go on and on about the benefits of giving up meat.  However, some people don’t feel like they could give up meat and I respect that.  What everyone can do, and probably do fairly easily is eat less meat.  Raising animals, growing grain to feed the animals, the waste produced from the animals, shipping meat and pretty much everything else involved in the production of meat have a huge impact on climate change.  In 2006 the United Nations reported that the meat industry is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environment problems, at every scale from local to global.”

However, if we all consumed less meat we could make a big difference. In fact if we all limited our meat intake to 3.1 ounces daily (and only half should be red meat) we could help tackle climate control.  Figure out what works for you.  For some people eating no meat two days a week might be an option, for others it might just be two meatless meals a day.  Some people might decide to give up meat all together.  Think about it, we can’t all afford a prius, we can’t all install solar panels and we can’t all ride our bike to work, but most of us can cut back on meat or give it up all together.

check these links out for more info on the connection between diet and global warming

1.Low Carbon Diet
2.Global Warming Diet
3.Time's article on Meat and the Environment
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