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September 7, 2009

For the cost of a cheap meal you could give a child safe drinking water for a year.  Yes that’s right, a whole year. Through the UNICEF’s TAP Project a $1 donation can provide safe drinking water for a child for 40 days.  That means for just under $10 you could provide safe drinking water for one whole year.  I know times are tight for everyone and it doesn’t feel like the best time to start giving money, but for most of $10 would be a small sacrifice that would make a huge difference.

The UNICEF Tap project was started in New York City (2007), when restaurants asked their patrons to donate $1 for the tap water they normally drink for free.  The restaurants explained that the money would go to help get children safe drinking water.  The project quickly grew into a national movement with thousands of restaurants, corporations, volunteers, advertising agencies, community groups, local governments and everyday diners across the country participating in 2009.  In 2010 the movement will continue with more organizations and businesses already getting involved.  Even if you can’t donate, there are a lot of ways to volunteer and be part of the movement.  Check out what you can do to help even if you can’t donate money.

Watch this video and learn more about the safe water crisis and  what you can do to help.

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