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November 8, 2009

There has been endless media coverage on the economy for the past year or so.  While I feel it is important to be aware of what is going on, I am often frustrated at the fear mongering that seems to be a constant everywhere I go.  No matter what radio station, website, TV channel or newspaper I get my news from the message is always the same: be afraid, because even if you haven’t been affected by the recession yet you could be next. While all of this might be true, this type of reporting does nothing to make the situation better.  There might not be a one size fits all solution to the economic crisis, but there are a lot of things people can do on small scale level to save money, help each other out, and  soften the blow a little bit. One of the easiest things we can do is share what we already have.  If we are letting people use what we have and they are letting us use what they have there is the potential to save a lot of money.  Below are three different ways that people are doing exactly that. I suggest that you look into them and think about how you might do something similar in your own community.

santa rosa tool library1. The Santa Rosa Tool Library is exactly what it sounds like: a library for tools in Santa Rosa, California.  People simply sign up for a membership and can then take out the tools they need for their projects.  There are no membership fees or fees for the tools.  If you return a tool past the due date there is a late fee charge of $2.00- $4.00 a day depending on the demand of the tool.  Tools are often expensive and depending on how often you do repairs or build things, there is a chance you might only use some tools once in awhile.  The tool library allows people to do the work they need to do without spending money on tools they might only use once.  The idea of people sharing their resources so that everyone has access to the things they need is something that needs to be spread to other areas.  Really it comes down to sharing.  If you have something that you’re not using and you know someone else could use it let them use it.  There is more “stuff” in this world then we need so pass it along when you’re not using it.  If you are interested in finding a tool lending library near you check out this wikipedia list of tool lending libraries by state

 2. Neighborrow  is another great organization that makes it easy for people to lend and borrow things free of charge. is a web forum wherer people can post what they have to lend.  Once you become a member you can look at what people are lending and simply click “borrow it” if it is an item you need. Currently, to become a member you must have 10 items that you are willing to lend to other people.  Items currently listed include books, movies, baking pans, baby supplies (crib, high chair etc) and more. 

To learn more about Neighborrow go to

3.  A clothing swap is a fun and easy way to get some really nice clothes paperdoll12     without spending any money.   At a clothing swap people trade clothes they no longer want.  Here are a few simple steps to throwing a fun clothing swap. 

1. Invite a bunch of people (especially people whose clothes you like) and tell them to bring any clothes they don’t want.
2. Put on good music
3. Have everyone display their clothes
4. “and now” cried dani “let the wild rumpus start”. At this point everyone just starts trying on clothes and taking what fits them. 
A clothing swap is a fun way to get new clothes without spending a cent. I suggest everyone find a group of friends and plan a seasonal clothing swap.


So there you have it, three great ways to save money, help others, and maybe even help battle our culture of consumption.  

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  1. linda bernstein permalink
    April 1, 2010 7:09 pm

    hi dani, i really like your blog and am so glad you’re doing this. thanks for all this wonderful information and positive energy. next week i’ll be in sebastopol and santa rosa so i’ll hope to check out the santa rosa tool museum=such a great idea. thanks dani. love, linda

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