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hope- not just for Haiti

January 30, 2010

It is easy to think people don’t care. Or that people do care but not care enough to do anything or give anything. But then something happens that moves the truest and purest part of our hearts and we act.  Such is the case with the tragedy in Haiti. Disaster struck and people all over the world responded.

Many organizations immediately set up a text for Haiti program where people could send a text message to donate money.  The Red Cross has raised over $27 million dollars just through their texting donations.  This does not include additional money raised through their other efforts.  If you haven’t yet donated through the red cross text program here is a link with info if you want to. Text to Haiti

Watch this video to see some of the work that the red cross is doing in Haiti

The Hope for Haiti benefit concert alone raised about $15 million in one night, and the Hope for Haiti non-profit is continuing to raise money.

There are hundreds of more non-profits and organizations that have raised lots of money.  To read a list of the organizations involved and the amount they have raised check out this article by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

There is no true silver lining when it comes to a disaster like Haiti. It was tragedy and no amount of generosity makes it any less tragic.  However, tragedies can change us and move something in us that reminds us of what’s important.  We know the economy is bad and that people are loosing jobs, but still people gave.  We know that people have ignored problems in Haiti and other struggling areas for a very long time, and why it is sad that it took an earthquake to get peoples attention at least it got our attention. People didn’t turn their backs or close their wallets, they gave. over $528 million so far. it is a reminder to me that people do care about those less fortunate and in need.  it is also a reminder that people might give to other people in need.  maybe, if we make it easy for people to give through tv events, texting, and social networking sites- maybe people will continue to give.  i think the outpouring of money and support since the earthquake in Haiti, should give us all hope about the human condition and our ability to come together.

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