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March 31, 2010

I came across the Story of Stuff movie a couple of months ago. Not only is the video interesting and thought inspiring, but the response to the Story of Stuff is a study in and of itself.


The story of stuff is a 2o minute film about “all our stuff—where it comes from and where it goes when we throw it away.” The film was made by Annie Leonard, an activist who has spend the last 20 years organizing and participating in social justice and environmental causes. The “Story of Stuff” takes a look at the true cost of extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal of all of the stuff we have.  The movie also provides  “another way” and aims to inspire people to change their current habits of consumption.

Watch the Film:

The Story of Stuff

In addition to the film, there is now a book and a great website that both provide lots of information on the problems of our consumer culture as well as the solutions.   The websites “another way” section has a list of 10 things you can do to and a reading list of books worth checking out on the different topics Annie discusses in the film.


Like anything that is made by someone who is clearly passionate about their subject, there are some (not many, some in my opinion) flaws presented in the film. However, the media has had a field day. Glenn Beck covered it on his show, featuring a rebuttal video made by  Lee Doren of the Competitive Enterprise Institute. People have called the film anti-american and the film has even been banned by some school districts.  As a teacher, it makes me sad to think that a movie that asks people to think about where they spend their money would be banned.  Whether or not you agree with every point in the movie, the general message is hard to be against. Students need to  be taught to think about the impact of all of their choices including their purchases.


I think the movie is great. It it straight to the point, easy to understand, and most importantly it  provides clear ways to help.  It is a film that gives you the chance to be proactive, rather than reactive. Is the film flawed? Sure, find me one that isn’t. Is the message important? YES.

Watch the film, watch the rebuttal and let me know what you think!


ps. annie has also made films about:

Bottled Water

Cap and Trade

and coming in May a  video about  electronics

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  1. Dawn permalink
    April 1, 2010 1:10 pm


    I love your blog. Thank you for giving me easy access to the Story of Stuff. I have heard about this film, but had not seen it yet.


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