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Hello World,

My name is Dani and I am happy you have found Beat Piece. The purpose of this blog is to highlight the ways we can change the world.  I want to focus on the little things that individuals are doing or can do to make a difference in their world. I feel we all, myself included, get stuck thinking of the things we would do if only we had more money, more time, more whatever, that we forget the power that we do have.  I also think some of us, again myself included, feel that if we can’t do everything exactly the way we want to we shouldn’t bother. All of that kind of thinking is not helping or changing anything.  We all need to do what we can, when we can, and forgive ourselves for not always making the best choice. However, we also need to  ask ourselves why we don’t we make choices that are better for the world, and constantly ask  “why aren’t  the choices that are better for the world more accessible to begin with.”  I think most of all we need to share our ideas and our views and our experiences and learn from each other.

I hope that everyone who reads this blog will feel inspired and try to find a way that they can change the world.  It doesn’t need to be in some monumental way; just doing a little thing is enough to get the ball rolling.  It might be an overused comparison, but all great oaks start off as tiny seeds.

I also hope people who read this will share their stories with me or the stories of people they know so we can all have more ideas and more inspiration on how to create change.  The exchange of ideas is powerful and can serve as a catalyst for monumental world change.  Criticism and questions are also essential, and I hope all of those who see things in a different view from me will post and share their ideas. Debate and skepticism help keep people open and are also crucial to making a difference.

I hope whoever reads this finds something they can take out of it that is useful. If you do, I encourage you to forward it on to your friends. If you don’t, thanks for checking it out this one time.

ps the title of the blog “beat piece” is a reference to yoko ono. In her book of instructional art Grapefruit one of pieces is called “beat piece”. It looks like this:

Beat Piece

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  1. September 9, 2009 4:38 pm

    “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”.
    -Vincent Van Gogh

    Nice work Dani! I’ll keep tuning in, and think of something that I’ve done to help that I can share.

  2. Emily Bernstein permalink
    September 15, 2009 8:53 am

    B.E.E. ing yourself is the best way to B.E.E.

    I love your blog Dani. The graphics are great and so is the info of course…i posted it on my wall on fb..hope that’s ok.

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